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Your Legs, Your Transportation

I’ve been battling first weeks at work, a week of birthday celebrations and now a week of kitchen sink troubles. When I fell asleep on Friday night I slept for 12 hours straight. Sounds decadent? I should mention I woke up just after eight on Saturday. Yup. I’m now the girl who falls asleep at … Continue reading

Race Recap

How awesome to this again! 🙂 I’m afraid I’ll be cruising on endorphins for the rest of the evening so bear with me. Today I ran my second ever half marathon. I ran it pretty much unprepared. (Not wise, but you know…) Since I had done very little running in the past two months – … Continue reading

The Off Month

Let’s get real here. I haven’t done any real running for a month. At a time where I should be doing 50+km a week with long runs of 30km… I’m barely doing 20km with my longest run over a month ago and that was just 24km. It’s five weeks til the marathon I’ve registered for. … Continue reading

Too Much (of a Good Thing)

This is strange. I was out running in my more supportive shoes again today and again encountered arch pain followed by heel pain. I don’t get that in the moderate support shoes, which are supposedly not supportive enough for someone as severely flat footed as me. This got me thinking. (And if you’ve noticed all … Continue reading

Week Thirteen Recap and a Question

AKA: Even my blisters have blisters. AKA: Halfway there! (That’s right, this week was the halfway point of my six month marathon training plan. And despite a couple of setbacks on the way, I’m right on track!) It’s also the week of my longest run yet – 22.56km. And isn’t that an awesome feeling? 🙂 … Continue reading

The Wow Factor of…

I wanted to do an informal shoe review today. But first. I stepped out of the supermarket today at around nine in the evening with my cat food and bananas. And then I stopped. And stared. And stared some more. There were people all around me doing the same. 🙂 I think most of Tallinn … Continue reading

Comeback Shoesday

That is, can you really call it a comeback after just a five day break? My thigh stopped hurting by Thursday. And during my massage, my therapist remarked that there still was a bit more stiffness to the muscle than she would have liked…but if I took it easy on Friday and felt painfree come … Continue reading

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