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High on PB (and That’s Not Peanut Butter!)

Yup. That’s right. Still running. Running through the fatigue. It’s possible, I’m telling you. 😉 A little bit of tape and ice has vastly helped the knees as well. I felt so energetic when I woke up today. A bit earlier than intended – my cat was hungry and decided to take a nice sharp-little-paw … Continue reading

Week Sixteen Recap

(Of course I ran.) It’s so hard not to. Good news, I taped my ankle and it felt fine. One of the knees is still off, but not painful. 🙂 I know, I know, I need a break. Because I’m a wee bit insane. 😉 But I already have a scheduled break of five days … Continue reading

Cumulative Fatigue

Or something. I’m starting to think that just pushing on with my training plan straight after the HM last week wasn’t such a good idea. Just because I don’t feel like my legs are tired doesn’t mean they actually aren’t. Which is why I’m sitting in bed on a Saturday evening with ice packs wrapped … Continue reading

Hitting the Ground Running

And I’m back! 🙂 It’s officially the beginning of Week Sixteen of my marathon training plan and now it’s all about getting back on track. After all the rearranging I did with the running days and distances in preparation of the half marathon I ran three days ago. (Feels kinda awesome to casually say that. … Continue reading

Week Thirteen Recap and a Question

AKA: Even my blisters have blisters. AKA: Halfway there! (That’s right, this week was the halfway point of my six month marathon training plan. And despite a couple of setbacks on the way, I’m right on track!) It’s also the week of my longest run yet – 22.56km. And isn’t that an awesome feeling? 🙂 … Continue reading

The Stubborn Snail Makes Muffins (and Runs)

It’s ten to midnight, time to type this up! It’s also still light outside. I guess we are really heading towards the shortest nights of the year. Probably also why I’m not sleepy at all; my body doesn’t realise it’s nighttime. In fact, lately I’ve taken to sleeping with one of these sleep masks. (Have … Continue reading

Prunes and Cinnamon for my Sister

🙂 Pretty much everyone who’s had a taste of the snack bars I make weekly has expressed a desire to make their own. I think it’s the versatility that attracts. (And the bonus of them being healthy.) But. You can make them whatever kind you want! So. I was sitting with my sister yesterday sipping … Continue reading

Week Twelve Recap: Off the Wagon

So. It seems that with the summer and summer heat here I went a bit crazy last week. Friends here, Family there, Food and wine everywhere. Nothing wrong with that, but I’m not moderation girl. It’s all or nothing, baby. And this week it was all. All the food, all the booze and two (!) … Continue reading

Tough Runs are for Tough Girls

Because if you ain’t tough, you’d just skip a run on a day where: It’s 30 degrees and sunny, Your legs feel like made of concrete after walking around 20km the day before (the last five of which were in a bleeding hail storm and soaking wet), Your belly feels like a balloon full of … Continue reading

Overindulged on Every Front

Yikes. It’s cutback week. Less mileage, less everything. (Except food and drink, it seems.) But cutback week feels excellent right now. It seems forever since the last time I temporarily reduced mileage because it actually was in my training plan and not because of a minor injury. *drumroll* I am currently running tape free, insole … Continue reading

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