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Travelling on Wheels

It’s been a doozy. On June 22, I ran my first (and last) HM this year. Compared to the year before, it was a whole ‘nother thing. In 2013, I’d ran a strict training plan beforehand and ran the half marathon in nearly 30C of sunshine-y heat all geared up with gels and electrolyte water … Continue reading

Staying Active and Eating Well

I had this daydream that the next time I blogged the knee pain would have already magically disappeared. (Sometimes aches and pains do that, right?) Unfortunately, that’s not the case. 😦 The good news – it’s not worse. The bad news – pretty much feels exactly the same. For those of you asking, it’s located … Continue reading

Up and Down and Tough Decisions

I really haven’t felt up to blogging since last Tuesday and my last good run. I know that stuff happens, but running for me is a happy making activity, and when I’m not running… I’m not happy. (That simple.) And I’m not running. 😦 I also have no idea at this moment when I’ll be … Continue reading

Fumble, Stumble and Fall

Or tumble down a hill, as the case may be. It’s taper week. And I’m finding it tough. It’s weird. But my half marathon is next Saturday and I’m determined to do everything I can to have a great experience. 🙂 For my taper, I’m trying to decrease the frequency, intensity and mileage of my … Continue reading

Week Seven Recap and a Cadence Update

So, there’s this old Russian cartoon that I’m sure every kid growing up in Estonia in the 80s knows. The little hedgehog lost in fog. 🙂 This is what running today felt like. A bit of a contrast from yesterday, wouldn’t you say? Just goes to prove I should have waited for late afternoon again … Continue reading

Injuries, Dinners, Spring and Week 6 Recap

Phew, so that’s a lot. 😀 After my run yesterday, my left thigh and knee area felt sore. But this morning they were pretty ok. So, again following the 75% rule, I decided to for an easy and comfortable 3.5km run instead of the 5km The Plan called for. I’m still testing the new shoes, … Continue reading

Comeback Shoesday

That is, can you really call it a comeback after just a five day break? My thigh stopped hurting by Thursday. And during my massage, my therapist remarked that there still was a bit more stiffness to the muscle than she would have liked…but if I took it easy on Friday and felt painfree come … Continue reading

Those Forced Breaks

…of Doom! Well then. Turns out that my cut-back week is now recovery week. 😦 I’m one of those obsessive runners who hates missing a run. Firstly, because I love running, and secondly because I love plans and checklists and ticking things off from The Plan (aka my this year’s marathon training guide). So, as … Continue reading

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