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Week Eleven Recap

Already? 🙂 Seems like I started with this marathon training plan just a couple of weeks ago. There something awfully liberating about recovery runs. I mean. You get to go both short and slow. Usually I don’t find short runs all that fun because you barely notice you’re running… when it’s already time to stop. … Continue reading

Stretch It

I’ve been going for weekly massages for a while now. And about a month ago I switched from sports massage to Thai massage. Also know as “lazy people yoga”, or so my masseuse informs me. 😉 Not that I’m all that lazy. But still. I find Thai to be perfect for me. It stretches every … Continue reading

Week Nine Recap and Race Goals

Don’t worry about speed. Easier said than done. It’s under a week to the first race. Seven kilometres and one of the biggest (if not the biggest) women’s races in the area. A few years ago the May Race celebrated its twentieth anniversary and they also gave gifts and recognition to the women who had … Continue reading

Shoppin’ and Advice Needed!

I had one of those twelve hours at work days today and decided to follow that up with a little bit of shopping at a mall on my route home. Mostly because it boasts one of the two specialised running stores in the city and I found myself needing some stuff. Confession time! I hate … Continue reading

The Good, the Stupid, and the Food

Spring is here! (You realise the importance of this statement once you live in a climate where it’s bloody freezing for 2/3 of the year.) I left work in short sleeves. The air was still with the possibility of a thunderstrom. The play of sunlight and shadow was awesome. And I knew I had to … Continue reading

*glares at body*

It seems that when not actually injured… I’m ill. I’m on my second day of a bananas and rice diet (with a liberal helping of charcoal tablets) and unlike yesterday I was finally able to keep some rice cakes down today. Basically, a third of my class at work is down with a stomach bug … Continue reading

Running Hot and Stupid

So. I’ve been running myself to the ground since the last breather on Wednesday (aka the final moment of peace before insanity conquered my world). Let’s look back. On Thursday after a gruelling day at work I went for an evening run. 5k easy. And then I got home and went about interviewing potential flatmates. … Continue reading

All Your Eats Are Belong to Us

Today was that day. That day when you don’t feel like running at all. It’s not even that your legs are hurting or… anything that makes sense really. For me it was a super busy long day at work. I’d had a short night sleep, I’m stressed about finding a new flatmate, all I’d managed … Continue reading

The Cadence Game

Hey, runners! Hands up who’s never googled “injury prevention” or “best running techniques” or something of the sort. I’d say odds are you have. 😀 I know I do it pretty often. Especially when something starts to get sore or nagging me a bit too much. In fact, even though I’m so not a team … Continue reading

Come and Get Me, Week 7! Oh, and Snacks.

I’m feeling the fighting sprit! Really. 🙂 Here’s the thing. I spent five hours in the emergency room yesterday. 😮 Nope. I’m not injured. But as pre-Diabetic I’m pretty conscious of things I should look out for, so yesterday after work I called up my GP, found out that she’s on vacation and told me … Continue reading

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