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Wood and Foods

Thursday I had the coolest running surprise in ages. So there’s this small artificial lake with surrounding park and playgrounds a five minute jog from my house. I’ve always loved it. Pretty sure it’s popped up here before as well. It’s great atmosphere with strolling families, rollebladers and runners. The loop around the lake is … Continue reading

Staying Active and Eating Well

I had this daydream that the next time I blogged the knee pain would have already magically disappeared. (Sometimes aches and pains do that, right?) Unfortunately, that’s not the case. 😦 The good news – it’s not worse. The bad news – pretty much feels exactly the same. For those of you asking, it’s located … Continue reading

Load Up!

So, why didn’t anybody warn me carb loading was so difficult?! I read and read and read and then calculated that I need to consume about 500g in carbs both today and yesterday. Did my very best and managed 300 yesterday (I usually consume around 170) and followed my eating plan for today and I … Continue reading

Too Much (of a Good Thing)

This is strange. I was out running in my more supportive shoes again today and again encountered arch pain followed by heel pain. I don’t get that in the moderate support shoes, which are supposedly not supportive enough for someone as severely flat footed as me. This got me thinking. (And if you’ve noticed all … Continue reading

The Stubborn Snail Makes Muffins (and Runs)

It’s ten to midnight, time to type this up! It’s also still light outside. I guess we are really heading towards the shortest nights of the year. Probably also why I’m not sleepy at all; my body doesn’t realise it’s nighttime. In fact, lately I’ve taken to sleeping with one of these sleep masks. (Have … Continue reading

Healthy Chocolate Bars

I have a feeling this is going to be the week of indulgence. And yesterday was a perfect prelude. I was minding my own business around eight in the evening, when suddenly I heard this insistent voice in my head: Must. Have. Chocolate. Now. I’ve been so good about having random sweets all week long … Continue reading

Running Hot and Stupid

So. I’ve been running myself to the ground since the last breather on Wednesday (aka the final moment of peace before insanity conquered my world). Let’s look back. On Thursday after a gruelling day at work I went for an evening run. 5k easy. And then I got home and went about interviewing potential flatmates. … Continue reading

What I Eat Take 2 + Snack Bars of the Week

As I was doing my weekend shopping yesterday, I figured I’d snap some pictures again. It’s kind of fun to keep track of what I’m the mood for depending on weeks… ^_^ This is a testament to one of my unhealthiest habits. I’m an apple junkie. An apple a day might keep the doctor away, … Continue reading

Come and Get Me, Week 7! Oh, and Snacks.

I’m feeling the fighting sprit! Really. 🙂 Here’s the thing. I spent five hours in the emergency room yesterday. 😮 Nope. I’m not injured. But as pre-Diabetic I’m pretty conscious of things I should look out for, so yesterday after work I called up my GP, found out that she’s on vacation and told me … Continue reading

KT Magic and the Weekend Breakast

I’m compiling my shopping list for next week and waiting for the rain to ease up a bit before heading out for my Sunday recovery run. This is the first time all weekend I’ve had a moment to breathe really. Let’s look at Saturday. Now, The Plan called for a 13km run. But I really … Continue reading

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