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Travelling on Wheels

It’s been a doozy.

On June 22, I ran my first (and last) HM this year. Compared to the year before, it was a whole ‘nother thing.

In 2013, I’d ran a strict training plan beforehand and ran the half marathon in nearly 30C of sunshine-y heat all geared up with gels and electrolyte water and whatnot. Despite the heat, I still ran what remains my best HM time-wise.

This year, I ran the most fun and easy HM ever. I’d prepared, but not religiously. The weather was cool, misty and with a chance of showers.(I believe I heard several people calling it perfect.)  I also ran most of the way in tandem with a friend, which was fun. I did leave him behind in the second half, because I ran the race in negative splits. 🙂 I also ran it in a regular underwire bra  because I’d forgotten to pack my sports bra.

NEVER AGAIN. Nearly a month later and I still have the scabs and scars under my boobs as proof of that stupidity.

Another friend also ran a brilliant first marathon, so there were a lot of endorphins going around at the finish line:

HM with Siret 2014


Two days after, I left for my three weeks of vacation in the States.

We had a glorious two weeks in NYC. Didn’t do many of the touristy things, mostly just hang around enjoying the vibe of the city.

From Top of the Rock

From Top of the Rock

We did a lot of walking around.


Across Brooklyn Bridge

And Staten Island ferry…

Can spot lower Manhattan in the distance

Can spot lower Manhattan in the distance

And, you know, flea markets in Brooklyn, beach time in the Far Rockaways in Queens, lots of walking around on Manhattan (can’t think of a famous place we didn’t drop by), a Broadway show somewhere in there…

One day, we woke up and decided to hop a bus to a small town in New Jersey for that authentic timeless diner experience…

Lyndhurst, NJ

Lyndhurst, NJ

…which was so worth the trip for a European. 😀

We watched the NYC Pride March (amazing),

Small town girl, big city lights. AKA, the Empire State Building lit up for Pride week.

Small town girl, big city lights. AKA, the Empire State Building lit up for Pride week.

Macy’s 4th of July fireworks from the beginning of Brooklyn Bridge (insane) did the stalking of Greenwhich, the West Village and Chelsea Market.

Shopping at Chelsea Market

Shopping at Chelsea Market

We got so familiar with the city subway system that tourists started asking us for directions (happened repeatedly) and ate a lot of strange stuff in Chinatown…

Evening in Chinatown

Evening in Chinatown

And you can definitely get gluten free pasta even in Little Italy. 😀 We saw so much, did so much, ate so much… And for our last night there, we managed to get a table at Risotteria which made my gluten intolerant being very happy. 🙂

Then, after two weeks of awesomeness, we flew out to San Francisco, replacing the tropical heat of NYC with the cool breezes of the Pacific Ocean and the mist of the surrounding hills. I hadn’t heard this Mark Twain saying before…

…but now I can tell you, if you want a place where the summer is cooler than Estonia, go to San Francisco. 😉

We managed to have a fantastic first day there…

Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach

Complete with an amazing brunch and a sunset walk on the beach, until…


On Sunday, July 6, 2014, two pedestrians were struck and injured in San Francisco’s Sunset District. The incident happened at about 8:50 p.m. According to Bay City News, the two pedestrians were hit while they were crossing the intersection at Sunset Boulevard and Moraga Street. They were swiftly taken to San Francisco General Hospital for treatment of injuries. One of the victims suffered from unspecified head injuries and a broken leg. No information was released about the extent of injuries sustained by the second victim. Very few details have been released about this wreck, which is likely still under investigation.

 Look, mum, I’m on TV!

Anyway. So, that was an experience. Both me and my friend got hit, she got a nasty bruise and lower back pain, I got my two bones broken in my right knee together with various torn ligaments…

I also also got some insanely bleeding head wounds and a pretty nifty concussion. Even more than a week later, I’m unable to sit up for extended periods of time without getting dizzy and nauseous.

I have no memory of the accident, but from what I hear, I got thrown into the windshield and then bounced off it to the road. Considering that, I guess head wounds without scull fractures and just a concussion and shattered knee are getting off easy.

After a couple of days in the hospital, I got issued a wheelchair (cause my concussion doesn’t allow me to use crutches yet) and our insurance company got ready to fly us home.

I still had one day of getting wheeled around San Francisco by some awesome people who made it their mission to make sure we had at least some good memories of this beautiful city.


Wheeling the streets.

Wheeling the streets.

Got my breath stolen away by Golden Gate Bridge (this is so insane in real life, it really is worth the trip just to even see it with your own eyes.)

Balancing act on one foot with the help of a railing.

Balancing act on one foot with the help of a railing.

And, of course, so much of insanely good food. Which is what San Francisco is famous for.

We got flown home (business class for my leg) the following day. By a German airline about an hour after they won the Cup. Why yes, champagne at the door and attendants in football shirts with German flags painted on their cheeks. 😉

After a short layover at Frankfurt, my dad came and picked me up from the airport and brought me and my wheelchair home.

BTW, from a brand new perspective… travelling with a wheelchair is surprisingly easy and everybody is just so helpful and nice. 🙂

I had another doctor’s appointment in Estonia yesterday.

a) Got the stitches out from my head wounds! Now, I just have the interesting short hair patches in long hair to deal with.

b) Still have a concussion, my heart rate gets so elevated when I sit up for more than 20 minutes that I had to wear an oxygen mask for the appointment. 😮

c) Still have a broken knee. Apparently, now I get to sit around for 8 weeks in a leg brace waiting for the bones to heal, before they can decide if I need surgery for the ligament damage. :/

I’m already bored. There’s very little you can do when in a wheelchair and living alone in an apartment not equipped for wheelchair accessibility. I’ve been sitting near the window, reading and watching shows on the tablet mostly… And looking forward to the day when my dizziness recedes enough that I can actually use the crutches I also got to go outside.

It seems to be nice there.

All in all.

The most insane vacation I’ve ever had! From everything we did and saw (I will never forget seeing “Starry Night” with my own eyes or Picasso’s “Girl with Mandolin” which is my all time favourite painting) to the rollercoaster of emotions…

Even with the accident, I’d still want to do all of this over again. With the addition of not assuming that if you have a crosswalk and one car has already stopped…the other one will as well.


P.S. Not wanting to alarm a lot of people (including my mum who is on vacation herself atm) I haven’t really told anybody but my dad and sister, so you guys are the first to get the full account. 😛



4 thoughts on “Travelling on Wheels

  1. I am so glad you’re ok!!! Hopefully everything will heal up fast and all of this will just be a crazy story you can tell people 🙂

    Posted by MrsB | Mind over Matter | July 16, 2014, 7:35 pm
    • Oh, considering how bad it can go when you get hit by a car going 45-50 miles per hour when it doesn’t even try to stop or turn (didn’t see us)… And the fact that I have no memory of the accident… I know very well I got seriously lucky and it’s already a crazy vacation story. 🙂

      Posted by klmv | July 16, 2014, 8:28 pm
  2. Holy balls! Wow, that is one hell of an “eventful” holiday. I hope you feel and get better really soon!

    Posted by Run Pilou Run! | July 17, 2014, 8:43 am

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