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The Home Stretch

If there are any other teachers among my readers, you can attest to how insane the last weeks of school are. It seems that every year, students realise that school’s about to end for the year when there’s about two weeks to go, and every year they get really worried about their grades and extra credit assignments around that time.

Every year. *sigh*

Plus, there’s all sorts of end-of-year activities from field trips to parties to picnics to whatever.

In the middle of all of this, I’m also a week and a half away from my HM. I’d been pretty good and consistent with my training until last week, doing all the runs in my training plan on the correct days with the suggested distance.

But of course, me being me, it was too much to hope I’d manage til the glorious finish. :p

I started off with my Tuesday short’n’easy and then hopped the ferry to Stockholm for a class field trip I was supervising.

The most important sight on my sixth?seventh? visit to Stockholm.

The most important sight on my sixth?seventh? visit to Stockholm.

And behold. Walking around in Stockholm for about 6-7 hours in regular flats led me to waking up to screaming pain in my left hamstring the next morning. Limping, unable to go down stairs kind of pain.

At that moment, I was pretty pissed. I mean. I’d been doing fine with running. I had less than three weeks to go and then my hamstring craps out because of a day of walking?! Pissed.

Well. I sucked it up. Skipped my run on Thursday and still limped along on Saturday.

But I had plans for Sunday. It was supposed to be my first time running long distance with a mate. More specifically, running together with the friend I’m doing the HM with. It had been planned in advance.



And I was still hurting on Sunday. 😦 The feeling of letting someone down like that sucks. Missing a week of running just before a HM isn’t fun either.

By Monday afternoon my leg was feeling much better, so instead of taking a couple of more days off (you know, like a normal person would) I decided to try the 20k then. My friend was working til the evening, so we set out at half past eight in the evening.

I have to say, that is the latest I’ve ever started a planned nearly three hour run.



Flowers on the way

I was a bit worried about the run because:

a) it had been raining most of the day, and wet feet=blisters for me

b) it was late and I was quite sleepy

c) it was the longest I’ve run this year

d) I was only a day away from a limping injury

e) the planned route was asphalt only and I hardly ever run on asphalt

Um. And etc.

Actually, looking at this list now, I’m starting to wonder why on Earth I went out to run yesterday anyway?? 

I guess my main thing was that I wanted to get in a 20k run before the HM to mentally reassure myself that I still could do the distance, plus as he wanted to do it at a 7.30+ pace… it seemed like it wouldn’t be difficult.

And it wasn’t! 😀 Actually, it was insanely fun to run with another person. We chatted the entire three hours of the run, and I don’t think I’ve ever had an easier long run mentally. The pace was so slow for me at least that I didn’t feel out of breath for a second and kept on chattering as a magpie. 😛 The legs were just doing their thing automatically and I was really just hanging out with a friend.

So, why on earth haven’t I run a long and slow with company before?! I really want to repeat the experience.

Plus, the late evening seaside views after the rain had stopped were gorgeous. Gorgeous, I tell you.


We ended up running 22km (so a bit more than planned) and finished the run at around eleven in the evening. From there, I still had a three kilometer walk home. And I decided to walk it instead of catching a bus, to let myself cool down slowly.

When I got home, I showered, stuck my feet in a bucket of ice water (preemptive, not really needed) and watched the latest of Game of Thrones until I dozed off. 🙂

Not an ache in sight today! So I’d say I’m off to a good start on the final weeks before HM.




2 thoughts on “The Home Stretch

  1. That is awesome, nice job! You’re going to do great in your race!

    Posted by Lace Up And Live Life | June 11, 2014, 2:33 am

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