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It’s not running without shoes and taping

Really, it’s not. 🙂

Instead of the well-deserved rest after the Saturday race last weekend, I decided to go on a 12k slow and easy in the blistering heat the next day. Well, I can say that it took me no effort at all to keep to a 7 min/km LSD pace then. 😛

It also meant that after five months of injury free, I woke with a swollen ankle and bruised knee the next morning. You know, this is nothing new to me. It’s always the same right ankle and the same right knee. The same little bastards that kept me from running for months last year. :/

So, Monday after work, I stopped by a pharmacy and picked up some kinesio and realised that I can do the ankle support taping in my sleep. Seriously, I’ve had to do it so many times over the years, it’s a mechanical thing by now.

I also got an interesting phone call from my mom. We have similar feet (fallen arches, weak ankles) and I’ve been a strong proponent of Mizuno for years (Inspires are my main love affair, Nirvanas are perfect for when my feet feel iffy and I need more support and for 20+ km runs). She, being of the older generation, prefers to put her trust into the most known brands over the years here like Nike and Adidas. Asics, New Balance, Brooks, Mizuno etc all have gotten the distrustful side eye.

So apparently, she’d gone to the store to pick up a new pair of Adidas Supernova Sequence for herself with the post-race discount and realised that she didn’t like the new model at all. So, she called me to ask if I honestly recommended Mizuno Inspires and I replied with”yes!” but she’d have to try them for herself if she actually liked them, but quality wise, they’re definitely on par with her previous Adidas.

Long story short, she tried them on, liked them, took them home, went for a test run and texted me to let me know she loved the Inspires she got and how amazingly  light they were.

At this point I’m thinking that I love my Inspires but being support shoes, I wouldn’t exactly call them feather-light… Took myself to the store and realised they had Mizuno Inspire 10s in! And they had it in my size!


This is a big deal. I have big feet, and for the last couple of pairs of shoes I’ve had to order them online because the only local chain that sells Mizunos doesn’t import them in my size. This time, they’d ordered one pair for the entire city in one store and it was the one I happened to walk into. As I’d been planning on getting a new pair in the next couple of weeks anyway, it was a total no brainer.

Kid at Christmas.

I brought the new dahlings home to add to my collection.

In order of support to no support: Brooks Adrenaline, Mizuno Nirvana, Mizuno Inspire 8 (about to retire), Mizuno Musha and the new addition up front :)

In order of support to no support: Brooks Adrenaline, Mizuno Nirvana, Mizuno Inspire 8 (about to retire), Mizuno Musha and the new addition up front 🙂

My mum was right, of course. The 10s are insanely light-weight. They are as light as my minimalistic tempo shoes! But still full stability. I think I’ve died and gone to running shoe heaven. Mizuno has literally taken an amazing, flexible stability shoe and made it into a fantastic cushioned, yet flexible in the forefoot stability shoe that weights about the same as an average racing flat.


Plus, it’s the most elegant running shoe I’ve ever owned with its colour scheme of charcoal and turquoise. ❤

Such a joy to run in!

Such a joy to run in!

The ankle meant, I skipped my Tuesday run, but felt fine enough for Thursday and Saturday. In fact, on Thursday I busted out the race T from last weekend:

The only white T I'll ever own. :p

The only white T I’ll ever own. :p

In the meantime, with the end-of-the-schoolyear craziness, I’ve done very little of sleeping, lots of working, and a fair bit of just walking on the off-running days. With the subtropical heatwave we’ve been having the past week (33C in the shade! but mostly it’s blue skies) it’s been… interesting. Lots of time is spent jumping from shadow to shade to avoid the direct hit from the sun. 😉

A secluded courtyard in the Old Town

A secluded courtyard in the Old Town

And since today seemed ready to break all possible temperature records (it was so hot it was even impossible to sleep and I got out of bed straight into a cold shower way earlier than I would have liked during the weekend) it was also a horrid thought to even consider running during the day.

Instead, I decided to put on my loosest short tunic, swimwear, a straw hat and sunglasses… pack my Kindle and plenty of water and take my bike down to the pier.

Seemed plenty of people had the same idea.


Pirita small boat harbour

There was live music, plenty of ice cream vendors, a surf group ready to head out and I even got a balloon to tie to my bike. 🙂 I rode a bit further down the pier and settled in to read with a nice view of the beach.

Still early in the season

Still early in the season

I have to be honest, I didn’t last long even with my feet cooling off in the water. After an hour or so, I headed back home and hid inside til the sun set and I could have my run. At eleven in the evening. We’re entering the longest days in the year with the sun out and four am and setting long after ten pm. Makes pretty difficult to find a cool time to run. It’s still insanely hot at two in the morning and the sun’ll be up in a couple of hours adding its part.

I guess I’m having a night run again tomorrow! 😀 I don’t mind, really.




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