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The Secret Life of Me

I was all set to do a post of my triumphant return run (40 minutes of nonstop running after a two week break) or about the gorgeous spring sunshine that makes me smile (complete with pictures) or the fact that getting a wisdom tooth pulled turned out to be not a big deal of any kind.

So I actually do want to talk about that one. For a decade my dentist has been telling me that I need to have all four removed as they keep crowding my mouth. Cue fear. Paralysing fear. I finally decided to woman up and had the first removed on Tuesday after work. I’m doing one at a time a month apart so I could keep on working. And you know what? The combo of an awesome surgeon who cracked jokes all through the procedure, some ibuprofen the next day and an overindulgence of ice cream… Four days later I’m completely back to normal. 🙂

I’m getting off course.

The week spent skiing in Sweden.

After an overnight ferry to Stockholm and a fourteen hour car ride, we were there!


Straight from spring to Winter Wonderland of 2m of snow just made for cross country skiing. This is what we do – cross country, not mountain skiing. Even in the mountains. 😉 While I love the adrenaline rush of mountain skiing, cross country is tremendously more adventurous.


You can climb uphill…


And rush downhill. (And yes, we did both zigzagging through trees and pissing off the mountain skiers by speeding down the slopes.)

You can go where no normal person ventures…


And make your own way across they icy tops.


Just don’t forget to bring warmer clothes for when the sun goes low and you really feel the minus twenty.


Do not let blizzards distract you from your adventures.


I mean. It might get better. Or not.


Just be happy that your phone has gps tracking on. (So you’d be able to get back after visibility gets too bad to spot the 50m apart trail markers. Of course, the trail itself has been nonexistent for hours.)

Get tired from being on skis sixish hours daily? Take a car trip across the border to Norway to remind yourself that spring has arrived to the fjords.


Even if the water is not quite warm enough for a dip. 😉


On the way back, decide that your absolutely have to have lunch on the Arctic Circle. Preferably a kilometre up in the mountains.

You know, Lord of the Rings style.


Even if the surface winds and icy slopes made it slightly iffy if you’d get down again…


And after all this… It was always nice to finish the day with a hot sauna, a cold cider, and the sunset view from our living room.


Have to say… I kinda need a vacation now. 😉

What this also got me thinking about… We had a friend of mine with me who bravely did all the adventures with us (I’m sure she’s reading and recognising this) and she compared the experience to The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, that is something completely different and a lot crazier than she’d expected when I asked if she wanted to go on a ski holiday with my family.

But for me this was a completely regular holiday. Maybe even a bit less life threatening and exhausting than what I’m used to. Not to brag or anything, but I’ve sat in a Soviet border patrol cell with my dad as a toddler when we got slightly lost on a kayaking trip on the Finland – Russia border… As a six year old, I floated down a flooded river in Lithuania supported by two airpillows and tied to a tree by a rope. (Yes, I fell in while my dad was busy with the kayak.)

I’ve spent time in my dad’s backpack on both bog and ski hikes as a toddler. I’ve been fished out hipdeep from bogs more times I care to remember. I’ve slept in tents on long ski hikes with minus thirty outside. A couple of years ago I spent weeks navigating the freezing Ocean in the Norwegian fjords above the Arctic Circle in a kayak. At fifteen, me and my dad and sister spent just over a month cycling across Scotland from Aberdeen to Glasgow with the Orkneys and Hebrides and climbing Ben Nevis as pit stops. I believe at twelve I also climbed Kebnekaise (the highest mountain in Scandinavia).

This is just a tip of the iceberg. 🙂 I guess we all live our normal and growing up with a crazy adventurer for a dad… shaped my normal to what it is.




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