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Back to Business

And I wish I meant running. 😉

School’s back. Which means I’m again in a routine of out the door for work by 6.30 and back home… late. Because most days I have pilates or CoreFit after work and the days I don’t I run.

I love my students and my job (the only reason I’ve been able to do this thing for seven years now) but the lack of an unplanned moment is kind of crazy. My dad called me up saying he hasn’t seen me in over a month and we tried to figure out a time to have dinner and it was nearly impossible.



First day of classes makes even my cat happy!

But the students are still awesome most of the time. (Not counting the days some of these lovely people make me want to tear my hair out. :p)


My second half marathon in four days.

I picked up my starting number today and now all I have to do is show up Sunday morning and run.

That’s gonna be interesting.

I think my fitness level is at a two year low at the moment, I’m almost in the opposite position from my last half in the beginning of summer.

Then I ran after having successfully stuck to a training plan for months, my longest runs had been longer than the race distance, I tapered nicely and rested. I was careful with my nutrition, hydration and my legs and feet were in good shape.

Now. I’ve done very very few over an hour runs for the past two months and I’ve only been running regularly for a month. No training plan. No hill or speedwork. With my work schedule I’m getting around six hours of sleep nightly and my knees are still a bit weird and….you get the picture.

The weirdest thing? Despite all of that, I’m really looking forward to Sunday. I’m not anxious, I’m excited! I absolutely cannot wait to run. Even if I haven’t been running long distances lately, I still dream about them. I want to hit exhaustion and run through it. I want to run together with the more than 3000 runners who are sharing the half marathon distance.

I’m certain that I won’t be setting any personal records, and I honestly don’t care. I just want to enjoy the run and the experience. In fact, I haven’t been checking my split times at all during August. I’ve just been running and it’s fun.

I started reading Born to Run this weekend, and about a tenth in, I went and bought a bag of chia seeds and I’ve been having them in all my salads daily.


Let’s hope they work for me as well as reported. 😉

And now I desperately want to try going minimalistic. Not for the half yet. But it’s so intriguing and winter when the distances are shorter and the ground soft and snowy seems like a good time.

Plus. It’s an excellent book to pump up the running excitement before a half you’re not particularly prepared for. 😉




4 thoughts on “Back to Business

  1. I bought chia seeds when I read that book, too. I think Amazon should just auto-ship you a bag 5 days after they deliver your book, lol.

    Posted by StephanieZ | September 4, 2013, 9:12 pm
  2. Enjoy the race 🙂 I have a half marathon on Sunday as well but I couldn’t stay away from Crossfit this week so am a bit sore. I figure if the legs won’t go fast, I’ll just cruise at a comfortable pace and just enjoy the race atmosphere and the fact that I can easily run a half marathon in less than 2 hours.

    As for the chia seeds – I get milled ones now, it’s like black powder, and make pancakes adding eggs and a bit of maca powder and almond milk. They are so good I have to hide them from my kids.

    Posted by MrsB | Mind over Matter | September 6, 2013, 7:53 am
    • Thanks! And same to you! 😉 The pancake sounds so good! I haven’t seen chia in powder form, but then again I haven’t looked. There are so many superfoods to try! Every time I go to the health section in the store I get dizzy. :p Maca is on my list to try and a few other things as well. 😉

      Posted by klmv | September 6, 2013, 12:46 pm

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