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The Cross-Training Conundrum

Once upon a time I disliked exercise.

You could say I even hated it.

You couldn’t catch me sweating voluntarily anywhere outside a sauna.

That all changed when I started running.

For the first time in a month, I’ve done runs on all my regular running days. 🙂 I did 7k on Tuesday, 8k on Thursday and 13k yesterday. When it cools down a bit, I’ll do 6 today.

It’s not a lot in terms of what I have run for weekly kilometreage before, but it’s so much more than I’ve run in weeks. I have a slight nagging that I might be jumping back into regular running with too much running, but honestly…

I’m loving being back out there. 🙂 Loving it!

I did develop a slight ache in my right knee (again) after yesterday’s run, but it went away after stretching and taking it easy for the rest of the day.

I’ve been running in Nirvanas all week, and I’m really liking them for my left foot. For my right? A bit too supportive and putting too much pressure on the outside of my foot.

2013-08-16 14.12.32_1

I did another paper test in the morning, and my right foot just really doesn’t need as much support. (In fact, going from online images, it doesn’t even look all that flatfooted… But I gotta trust the doctors and their machinery telling me I have a pretty bad case of fallen arches.)

There I went off again.

Cross training.

I can kinda understand why I started liking running – it’s the lone wolf sport. But group sessions, with instructors, in the gym? That came out of left field.

I started doing them in the beginning of July when I wasn’t really running all that much to keep up some sort of fitness levels (and to strengthen my more, which seemed like a wise thing to do.)

In fact. All the sessions I do every week, I chose from amongst the 40+ offered by my gym as the ones aimed at beginners and developing core strength.

Currently I’m doing Functional Body twice a week, CoreFit twice a week and StartPilates once a week. While I could keep this up when I was doing minimal running….

Five hours of gym sessions (plus commute time) and running four days a week just seems overwhelming especially as I’m going back to work on Monday.

Bye bye summer! :'(

Bye bye summer! 😥

I also wouldn’t be able to do any morning sessions, which weren’t a problem in summer.

But. Here’s the thing! I don’t wanna drop any of these! I really really like them and I can already tell how good they are for me.

Functional Body is overall strength training (pushups, situps, etc) which I’m too lazy and not disciplined enough to do at home.

CoreFit = adoration. It’s more difficult, the first times were really frustrating as I couldn’t hold my balance at all on the wobbly core board. I could literally stay on one foot for a couple of seconds before losing my balance and tumbling off…. let alone do any exercises. In my last session, I could spend minutes on one foot, while on the outermost wobbliest side of the board while doing coordinated exercises with my arms (with weights!) and the other leg. And one foot crouches! On the board!

That’s after only a month of going to those sessions. Definitely something I see as really really useful for a runner. Core strength and balance.

And then there’s Pilates. Again something I don’t wanna give up as I’ve been wanting to do this regularly ever since I first got injured a year and a half ago.

To add to my conundrum none of these classes are getting dropped in the gym’s autumn schedule. In fact, they’re being moved late enough that purely theoretically, I could come home from work, have an afternoon run, dinner and then go to the gym…

Plus. There’s a new class starting in September I also really want to take. Foam rolling & Stretching. Sounds tailor made for an accident prone runner, right?

It would be late Monday evenings just after a Functional Body session….

How’s a girl to choose? 😦




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