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Staying Active and Eating Well

I had this daydream that the next time I blogged the knee pain would have already magically disappeared.

(Sometimes aches and pains do that, right?)

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. 😦 The good news – it’s not worse. The bad news – pretty much feels exactly the same.

For those of you asking, it’s located on the underside of the inner knees. Right knee is a bit worse. It’s not painful when I walk, but kinda achy and sore-feeling like an old bruise. It does get downright have-to-sit-for-a-moment painful when walking up or down the stairs, squatting, standing up or sitting down.

I called around today and the first (private and expensive) physical therapist appointment I could get is first week of August, and the first (again even more expensive orthopaedic specialist appointment, which I can’t afford) would be a week after that. The first public health system covered appointment would be end of September.

So. I’m on my own with this. :/

I really miss running. I was sitting in the cinema today and my mind totally wandered. I actually started daydreaming about running! Never mind the sandals and jeans and large purse… I was visualising how I’d get up after the movie and just fly down the street homewards.

(Kinda like a junkie without a fix, right?)

Instead I walked home and enjoyed the red sunset. 🙂 This is one of the things I’ve discover this summer for myself – I can walk pretty much anywhere. Long runs have taught me the patience and I’m not in a rush. Not while on holiday. So I walk all the time. I often rack up hours of walking daily.

My aching belly muscles inform me that I’m also staying active. After weeks of trying out different places I’ve finally decided on what’s going to be my home gym. (Never mind that it’s an hour away from my home. But I have the time in summer and during work it’s on my way, so it won’t be a bother getting there.)

Just has everything going for it from a very well stocked gym to insane variety of group sessions available. The ones I’m most interested in are AbsExpress, Back, CoreFitness, StartPilates and Pilates and a few others. They even have a specialised Stretching class and a running group for if I ever want a running coach.

I’m pretty excited about it! I’ve never belonged to a gym before. 🙂

Me and my gym buddy did the AbsExpress there on Wednesday (it was brutal but fun) and followed it up with a bit of arms, shoulders and back in the gym. Plus cardio on a stationary bike and some treadmill walking.

My knees don’t have a problem with the stationary bike (and even the elliptical seems to be ok) but even just walking on the treadmill is out. 10min on that thing makes my knees hurt more than an hour of regular walking.

I’m going back tomorrow for a CoreFitness class and some more cycling. 😀 Excited!

Having a plan of activities is also keeping me eating well. I only fall back on sugary unhealthy stuff and overeating when I’m bored and restless (sucks to be an emotional eater) so staying active is the key for me.

Or having company and someone to cook for.

Like today.

After drinking two cappuccinos (no sugar or substitutes) at my sister’s work – she customised mine –


– we came back to mine and I made us a chanterelle omelette with aged goat cheese and tomatoes with home grown basil with sweet potato fries on the side.


Can you tell yet that I’m obsessed with sweet potatoes lately? 😉

And for desert… I’m gonna share the recipe. Because I threw this together randomly and it turned out to be my new favourite summer treat! (Seriously)


Faux-Chocolate Mousse for two:

2 frozen bananas
1 cup of soy milk
3 tbs of unsweetened cocoa powder
Cherries to serve

Blend until thick and foamy. Pour into two margarita glasses (you could also use desert dishes ;)) and serve with a couple of cherries. I used frozen, but if I’d had fresh at hand, I’m sure that would have been awesome.

It’s so simple that I’m sure I’m not the first to come up with the recipe… but so good. So good that I immediately restocked all the ingredients and threw more banana slices in the freezer. I can already see my need to constantly indulge in ice cream disappearing. 😀




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