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Too Much (of a Good Thing)

This is strange.

I was out running in my more supportive shoes again today and again encountered arch pain followed by heel pain.

I don’t get that in the moderate support shoes, which are supposedly not supportive enough for someone as severely flat footed as me.

This got me thinking. (And if you’ve noticed all the articles and research popping up lately about more “natural” running, then I’m definitely not the only one.)

See. I’ve been poked, prodded, x-rayed and video analysed and declared a flatfooted severe overpronator.

The kind that needs a lot of support. And stuff.

When I first started running in my current shoe three pairs ago, it wasn’t supportive enough and I also wore insoles. This is when I knew nothing about running, Jon Snow.

In the time since I’ve worked with my striking (I moved from heel striking to forefoot and midfoot striking) my cadence (it’s a lot faster now) and the way I hold my body.

I also play around with rubber bands, small balls, picking up objects with my toes and balancing on the edges of sidewalks, stairs (you name it) with heels hanging off for a minute or so a few times a day.

So this spring I removed the orthopaedic insole. Guess what?

Nothing happened.

Except for a better feel for the ground and the lingering but not debilitating top of the foot pain I’d been taping for for months went away.

So, “nothing” is wrong here. Good stuff happened.

Only then as I was increasing my mileage, I got scared. I didn’t want to get injured again, and ordered more supportive shoes.

And loved the super soft ride of them.

Only then. Pain. Random onset arch and heel pain.

I guess not so random after all. I’ve only been noticing it after longer runs in the more supportive shoes.

This got me thinking.

Maybe too much of a good thing really is too much. Is it possible that the shoes are over correcting my gait?

Even if you can’t make flat feet “better” you still can make your arches stronger and just perhaps… Perhaps my time doing exercises and running injury free in moderately supportive shoes has?

Food for thought. 😉

But it has, at least, helped me to make up my mind about running my first HM in the less supportive Wave Inspires. 😀

(It has also made me curious about trying even less supportive shoes and possibly getting video analysed again.)

Speaking of too much.

I’ve allowed way too much sugar to sneak back into my diet. :/ The darn thing is addictive. So I’m on these again for those sweet tooth moments:


And homemade organic popcorn with nutritional yeast and apple slices with sugarfree sea salt crunchy peanut butter for snacks.

I’ve been snacking a lot lately.

I think my leisurely bike rides to work and palaces have upped my calorie expenditure enough that I actually need to work with meal planning to get enough nutrition. 😛


My 15yo trusted Trek

I can’t even imagine what will happen when I get to the serious mileage part of my training plan. It seems like a lot of work to consume enough good calories to keep energy levels up. (Would be easier with junk food, but that is definitely not an option.)

Mmm… peanut butter though. Good thing I’m going through a PB phase right now. 😉 (Hey, is PB good on popcorn? Must try.)




2 thoughts on “Too Much (of a Good Thing)

  1. I have ridiculously high arches so I can’t give you advice on insoles. I do believe it’s possible to strengthen your arches though and perhaps using insoles means they’re so supported that they never have a chance to get stronger?

    As for thatchocolate with xylitol – where is it sold??

    Posted by MrsB | June 12, 2013, 6:47 am

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