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The Stubborn Snail Makes Muffins (and Runs)

It’s ten to midnight, time to type this up!

It’s also still light outside. I guess we are really heading towards the shortest nights of the year.


It's summer, baby!

Probably also why I’m not sleepy at all; my body doesn’t realise it’s nighttime. In fact, lately I’ve taken to sleeping with one of these sleep masks. (Have you ever tried them?)

Now all I need is a housecoat and some rollers for my hair to be a proper housewife!

Speaking of which, I went a wee bit crazy at the BioMarket yesterday. Oops. 😉  I got so many goodies to experiment with. Different flours and spices and… stuff. I’m sure they’ll pop up on the blog as I play around.

And speaking of that, I have graduated to salty weekend breakfast pancakes. I need to take pictures, but I liked today’s a lot.

Hemp Pancake (for one)

2 tbs of hemp flour
3 tbs of wholemeal gf oat flour
1/2 cup of water
1 egg
A bit of salt
1 ts of unrefined brown sugar
1/2 tbs of olive oil for frying

Mix and cook! Yum! I sprinkled a bit of parmesan on top when eating.

It was my first time ever using hemp flour and the taste is specific enough I wouldn’t want to use it with sweet stuff, but with savoury goodies… absolutely! I love how protein rich it is. 🙂

(Don’t worry, I’ll get to the promised muffins soon as well.)

But first.

Since this is a running blog.

Let’s talk about running.

And things that are super difficult to remember sometimes. Like:

* Listen to your body first and foremost, not your training plan.

* Do not compare. Really. Don’t.

* Run for yourself. 🙂

I’ll tackle the first bullet point on that list. This is the one I’m guilty of a lot. I have The Plan and I follow it. Almost religiously, as I want to be ready for my marathon. Does being ready mean that I need to push and push until I get injured and get stuck?

It shouldn’t.

And I forget that.

I am just so stubborn I keep moving no matter what.

I shouldn’t.

What I’ve noticed in the last few weeks:

* My pace is continously getting slower. Despite running and training more, my average pace is up a minute (!) from same time last year and even last month.

* I’m not sleeping well.

* My morning heart rate is up to 68-71 from my usual mid 50s.

* I’ve developed a nagging heel injury.

Not good. I think I might be heading towards the land of doing more than my body can handle right now. :/

New plan! Listen. Pause. Don’t worry.

I did this today.

I wasn’t really sure I’d be running today right up to the moment I went out the door. I still did my breakfast and hydration as I would on a long run day, but with my heels feeling sore…

In the end I compromised. I prepared myself with isotonic drinks and gels in my belt and ready to run the planned 22km.

But. I would listen.

If the pain returned, I’d call it a day.

Instead of running random trails like I would on a long run day, I headed to the forest and a 3km loop with trail markings a km posts. And I ran.


Really slowly.

Five kilometres in I thought, “Hey, this isn’t so bad! Almost a quarter go goal done and I’m ok.”

Seven kilometres in I thought I was going to get a heart attack from the heat .

Ten kilometres and “Whoa! I’m still running! Time for gel.”

Eleven. “I’ve already run half, I might as well see if I can keep going.”

At fourteen I was really starting to regret the same hilly loop as my choice of running ground, but at the same time the run was starting to feel like fun. My legs and feet felt fine and I was starting to believe that if nothing else, more than last week was still certain.

At sixteen I thought, “Wait a minute, only six kilometres to go? Heh. Child’s play.”

Eighteen. “Four. Four. Four. I’m never going to make it. Why the f are my feet feeling like raw meat all of a sudden?” (Turns out two blisters popped and three new formed.)

At twenty kilometres I felt I could fly! I was riding them endorphins like nobody’s business.

And at 22 I decided I might as well run to the supermarket where I usually come out or the forest before walking home. So I did.

Total run – 22.56km.

Slow. But not steady. My pace was all over the place. (Probably mostly uphill and mostly downhill segments played a part.)


And then I walked home the 3km from the supermarket. 😛

All in all, a super enjoyable run. And no feet issues if you don’t count the blisters (which I don’t) and the fact that at a house party this evening somebody stepped on my big toe.

And the nail came loose. (Not a running injury, but annoying nevertheless.)

I’ve lost three toe nails since I started running, so I was a bit calmer about it than the guy expected. My strategy is the same as always – if it keeps hurting and moving and doesn’t come off on its own, I’ll have it pulled. I’ve had two pulled. One with anesthesia, one not. No difference. Painful anyway. 😦

Finally. Speaking of parties.

And party food.

Somewhere between breakfast and going for my run, I made these with some variations.


I used halved cherries instead of the blueberries, buckwheat flour instead of the millet and gf wholemeal oat flour instead of the sorghum.

Other than that, followed exactly and they came out to die for! Eat warm from the oven or halve and pop into the toaster when cool.


So there you have it. Muffins and running.

Like advertised.

What are you cooking up this weekend?




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