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I’ve learned a few things recently.

Well. I guess new is not completely accurate, it’s more like things I’ve known for a while but chosen to ignore.

No worries. I’m learning, even if slowly.

I freaked out a tad with my sudden onset heel pain on Tuesday. And naturally, as a child of the Internets, I googled.

Google “running + heels + painful” and you get a lot of scary information. You get possible diagnoses (there are a few) and possible causes:

* increase in mileage
* hill training
* flat feet and weak arches
* overpronation
* new shoes

It felt like a freaking check list of my recent running history! I can’t even say what’s to blame since I’m guilty of all.


And the “cure” seems to be RICE and the R meaning “stop running” here.

That’s the only thing I haven’t done yet.

I mean, tell a runner to stop running and see how well that goes over. Seriously. You know what I mean, right? 😛

So, what I’ve been doing:

* cold packs
* ice water bottle arch massages
* ibuprofen
* power band stretching

(And running… I know, I know. But it doesn’t hurt at all when I run, just when I walk or put my weight on my heels.)
The good news is that it might not be any of the scary things Google suggests.

I finally got around to seeing my massage therapist after a two week break, and her opinion was after poking and prodding (and a lot of wonderfully divine foot massaging) which had me purring like a kitten –


This one's mine

– that the most likely cause is over training.

(That’s right, folks. I’ve been classic me again and just pushing forward.)

She thought so mostly because apparently pretty much all my muscles were ridiculously painful. Stretches that felt lovely just a couple of weeks ago felt like mediaeval torture. 😛 She could barely massage as everywhere she touched, I already jumped.

So we just settled for a lot of slow and deep stretching. It left me all tingly and feeling this-is-why-i-get-weekly-massages.

I know that running is a life style. (It is.)

And there’s no rush.

And if I’m hurt, I should take time off.


I’m two weeks from my first half marathon.

And I am running it!

Even if I have to call up the sports medicine doctor whose name and number my therapist gave me after crossing the finish line. Even if it means time off afterwards.

Maybe not the wisest decision, but I already didn’t run what was supposed to be my first HM last September due to injury.

(I ran a 14km race a week before the HM and landed wrong on my ankle.)

I can’t have it happen again.

I need to break the streak.


Another thing I learned today –  I am not a morning runner. I did 6.5km at 7.30 in the morning and it just wasn’t… what running is to me.

And it wasn’t even early enough to beat the heat! Talk about a double wham. It’s not supposed to be that hot that early.


My final lesson.

Shoes matter.

Not just running shoes. Especially if you have problematic flat feet.

I didn’t really pay attention. Not until I started running. (And for a long time even then.)

I’m a girly girl. A shoeholic. I have so many shoes that people who come to visit stare at the shelves in my hallway and ask: “Are these all your shoes?”

I nod, embarrassed to say that they’re not even all my shoes.

I care about the pretty factor. I have shoes that get worn only once or twice a year because they’re so uncomfortable I can’t make myself wear them more often.

(That doesn’t mean I don’t have a couple of pairs of flats I’ve worn to death because they’re the most comfortable thing I own.)

Recently something strange has been happening. I’ve started checking for comfort, support, lack of midsole flexibility (this is the big one for anybody with fallen arches) and if I find the shoes lacking in any… They stay in the store no matter how pretty.

Actually. In the battle between pretty and comfy, the latter comes out on top lately.

Who’d have known? :O

Me. Becoming all sensible and grown up about shoes.

Since I spend all June, July and August every year in either

A) running shoes, or
B) sandals, or
C) flipflops

it seemed sensible to semi-retire my cute, flimsy, strappy sandals and get something sensible. So I shopped for the first time in the “sporty everyday wear” section of the shoe store.

And came out with these.


Ecco Flash sandals. Lightweight. Flexible only in the forefoot, a bit of arch support and cushioning. Aah, heaven. I think they’ve already helped with the heel pain a bit. 🙂


Are you footwear aware? Or just running shoe aware? 😉




2 thoughts on “Foot(A)wareness

  1. I love reading your posts 🙂 So easy to read – funny, bolded text, short paragraphs, etc. As someone who works with websites and looks at them all day long – you are doing everything right when it comes to creating catchy content.

    As for your heel pain – I think two weeks is plenty of time to get it under control. I’ve heard that rolling a tennis ball under your feet helps.

    As for shoes – I’ve never been super high heel person and since my feet blister easily I don’t have many shoes – my feet just cannot handle most shoes. I had a pair of these – http://www.amazon.com/Nine-West-Womens-Urbeat-Sandal/dp/B002OECVJS/ref=cm_cr_pr_pb_t/184-9701951-4275012 – I loved them but wore them to pieces and now I cannot find another pair 😦 Now I have a pair of these – http://reviews.whitestuff.com/8039-en_gb/401278/whitestuff-morley-band-footbed-reviews/reviews.htm?sort=rating but I’m thinking I might need a second pair of sandals for the summer.

    Posted by MrsB @ Mind over Matter | June 7, 2013, 7:59 am
    • Well, you are doing everything right to make a girl blush. ;D

      And those second sandals look pretty! And comfy!

      If you’re looking, I can’t recommend the Ecco Flash sole enough – insanely comfy – plus they have tons of different sandal designs with the same sole. 🙂 I like them enough that I’ll probably be getting a darker sandal from Ecco now as well.

      Posted by klmv | June 8, 2013, 12:53 pm

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