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The Wow Factor of…

I wanted to do an informal shoe review today. But first.

I stepped out of the supermarket today at around nine in the evening with my cat food and bananas. And then I stopped. And stared.

And stared some more.

There were people all around me doing the same. 🙂

I think most of Tallinn saw the perfect rainbow today. It was raining gently, but sunny and warm. You could see all the colours clearly. And the beginning and the end. And it had a lighter double.


The picture does this no justice at all.

Aaah. I just love this kind of weather. Love it!

It started out overcast and turned out completely clear blue skies by the afternoon and then ended with rainbows and warm rain in the evening. 🙂 I just wanna sigh with the complete prettiness of it all.

Of course.

The blue skies of the afternoon made for one hot run at around six when I finally got out there.


Nike Girl!

I’ve already busted out my lightest, coolest runwear, so I’m a bit afraid of what’s gonna happen when the really hot summer days get here. (But I survived it last year, I will again.)

The shoes.

I’ve been running with Mizuno Wave Inspires for about a year and a half (not the same ones of course). And I love them. They’re really perfect. Supportive for my super flat feet, but not intrusively so, cushioned, but still plenty flexible in the forefoot. They’re also really lightweight for a support shoe.

Here you might be asking: well, if they’re so perfect, why were you looking for another shoe?

A) Human nature. Even if I try to follow “don’t fix what’s not broken” there’s still the temptation to try other things, because just maybe there’s something better out there.

B) I’ve never before run the kind of mileage I’m aiming for right now and both my half marathon and full marathon are going to be on pavement. I usually try not to run more than 3km per run on pavement, because otherwise my forefeet will feel it, because the Inspires just don’t have that kind of cushioning there.

This all lead me to read tons of shoe reviews and finally narrowing down my choices to Brooks Adrenaline and Mizuno Wave Nirvana.

Neither of which are sold in Estonia. 😦

So I knew I was going to have to take a leap of faith and order online. In the end, I decided to go with the Nirvanas because I’d already had a good experience with Mizuno and I trusted the fit and sizing to be similar to the Inspires.

First thing I noticed when I tried the shoes on on Tuesday was that size-wise they felt the same as the Inspires. 🙂
The arch support was immediately more noticeable (but still not intrusive!) and the cushioning was definitely there.

Seemed exactly what I’d wanted. 😀

I took them out for 9km of my normal (mostly trail) route and while I could feel the a lot more present arch support during my run, they caused no uncomfort anywhere.

Today came the test for what I actually bought them for.

Pavement munching.


So, for my 5km run today, I changed my route and went pavement only.


And the cushioning felt amazing. They’re very aptly named.

Nirvana indeed. 🙂

Now. The only test left is a long run.

But so far, I’m very pleased with my new shoes. I still plan to keep the Inspires for my main shoe, as I do enjoy their flexibility and lower heel just a smidge more. Makes midfoot running easier. 😉

But, the Nirvanas will serve me well as pavement shoes, I think.

So. Here’s my current shoe rotation:


Left to right: Mizuno Wave Inspire 7s for muddy runs and orienteering (they’re a bit too worn for actual training runs), Mizuno Wave Inspire 8s (just over a month old and my main shoe) and the brand new Mizuno Wave Nirvana 9s for pavement runs and 2+hour runs.

Mmm. Rest day tomorrow that’s gonna be really active. I’m going to an island near Tallinn with my students tomorrow. Lots of hiking planned. And a picnic. 🙂




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