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The Race Report for the May Run 7k

I finally fell asleep yesterday just before two.

And then I got woken by a hungry cat around six in the morning. I managed to fall asleep again and slept until nine, so I was pretty well rested.

When I got out of bed, my first thought was…

The weather!

They’d promised something insane for today. And when I looked out the window, I could hardly see. White white white fog everywhere.

I then had a moment of clothing panic. Not only did I have to figure out running gear for myself, but also for my sister who had flown in late Friday evening with only a pair of running tights, shoes and T-shirt.

I had my oatmeal pancake with tea (no experimentation with food this time) around ten o’clock. I didn’t want it earlier as I was afraid I’d be hungry again before the race.

I set out at 12 to meet my mum and sister as I had their starting numbers.

It was raining. And it was cold.

And then!

Just minutes after we met, it stopped. And got warmer. And warmer. And the clouds were clearing. And by 12.45 as we were heading to the starting corridor, I was grumbling at myself for no sunglasses and the choice of a long sleeved T-shirt.

For an actual moment, I considered running in my sports bra only, but decided against it.

The start was so crowded.

12,000 women and only women. We actually didn’t even manage to fit into the starting corridor and got in as the women moved out of the gates after the gun.

Official start – one o’clock.

I think we got out of the gate a minute or two after that.

The crowd was insane. We instantly lost sight of our mum, but my sister and me stuck together. She was running untimed and chipless so we tried to say close.

The added bonus was my sister’s company for the run.

And we actually ran the entire race side by side. Chatting even. 😉 It was the first time I’ve run with her since we were kids and it was just a really awesome experience.

I suppose if we’d concentrated more on running and less on talking, the end time would have been different.

Still. Considering that all I really wanted was to do better than last year… An official finish time of 38.05 is pretty good! It shaved off two minutes from my time last year for the same race. Endomondo clocked me in for a bit less for the 7k and gave me an average pace of 5.32… But let’s stick to the official one on the diploma.

No personal bests from this race, but it wasn’t the goal anyway.

Fun time with family (and my Viennese sister who I only get to see two-three times a year.)

And that goal was definitely reached.

My youngest sister was also there in cheerleader and snapshot taker capacity, so here’s my first just before finish line photo for the year:


I need to remember to start smiling when the finish line is in sight! My sister certainly succeeds.

The lovey warm weather held long enough for us to sit in the grass, drink our complimentary sports drinks and soy milks. Eat the cold cucumber soup (yum!) and wait for mum to finish and take a Family Runners photo.


I’m the shy one. 😉

And naturally we just had to take the photo after the race, not before it. :p

Still, it was a brilliant happy-making day.

Even the promised thunderstrom held off for the race. It’s here now, with darkness and lighting and wind and rain outside my window. But I’m all bundled up inside, eating my warm gluten free muffins, drinking tea and feeling fuzzy about a day well spent.




4 thoughts on “The Race Report for the May Run 7k

  1. Well done! And I love your yellow top 😀

    Posted by MrsB @ Mind over Matter | May 18, 2013, 6:18 pm
  2. Congrats! I’m glad the weather improved for you (I’ve never raced in adverse weather conditions but I can imagine it being much more challenging!) and that you got to spend quality time with your family (your mum rocks by the way for still being able to do 7k!). Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    Posted by Lucy @ Lucy On The Lookout | May 19, 2013, 4:34 am

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