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Running Hot and Stupid

So. I’ve been running myself to the ground since the last breather on Wednesday (aka the final moment of peace before insanity conquered my world).

Let’s look back.

On Thursday after a gruelling day at work I went for an evening run. 5k easy.


And then I got home and went about interviewing potential flatmates. Since my last one moved out on Tuesday.

At around ten I was sitting in the kitchen and suddenly I started shivering. Badly. My teeth were clattering together. I crawled into bed under two blankets hoping to sleep it off whatever it was.

(I don’t get ill, I get injured or sometimes a runny nose in winter but that’s it, so this was newish territory.)

In the morning I felt. Kinda ok… So, of course, I went to work. Never mind that I lost my breakfast right after arriving there. I did my time and then some. Feeling dizzier with every passing hour.

At five, I picked up my bag with my things for my first pilates class. Because: a) I couldn’t possibly admit that I was feeling bad and b) I’d already paid for it.

On the way there I found myself experiencing horrid chills and I was shivering so badly that a senior citizen on the bus asked me if I was alright and offered me her seat.

Yeah, I looked that bad.

This is the moment I made my first rational decision in 24 hours and went home. No pilates, just my bed and two (!) extra blankets.

At around seven, my temperature was 38.4

Around eleven, it peaked at 39.8. This is when I had a cold bath.

I think it went down from there. Because I crawled into bed and passed out. I woke up today at eight with no fever, but feeling weak as a kitten.

So. Of course I decided to have the Saturday I’d planned.

A part of which was a long run.

Can you see here where the stupid part of the title figures in?

Plus, I wanted to try out my new long sleeve running shirt. It had never been taken out before.


Isn’t it lovely? The colour makes me happy and it’s so comfy.

Such a good thing I was wearing long sleeves.

The run was horrid.

I had NO energy whatsoever.

I’d set Endomondo’s distance goal at 14km and by the end of the first I was running at a 7.10 pace and feeling exhausted. (Before today, I’ve never ran this slowly. Not even at the beginning when I was alternating walking and running.)

I realised then that 14km wasn’t happening. And then I compromised with myself on ten and starting really pushing myself. I was working hard. My usual easy jog pace was killing me. I could barely lift my feet.

And then came another first.

On clear ground I stumbled.

I ran over my own feet.

My glasses went in one direction, my phone in the other.

I broke the fall with my palms and my left side.

At just over seven kilometres my run ended with a bang.


What I have to show for it?

Two grazed palms.

A bloody graze accompanied by a magnificent bruise running from my left knee to upper thigh.

Bloody grazing and bruising on my left upper arm.

Deeper cuts on my left shoulder.

The experience of picking gravel out of bloody grazes under the shower.

Bloodstains on my new shirt.

That said.

I don’t feel as bad as I probably should.

I finished my shower. Bandaged my wounds. Made some gluten free bananabread.


I omitted the nuts and my flours were 1/1/1 brown rice/potato starch/buckwheat flour, but other than that I followed the recipe exactly. It’s so good all my non gluten free friends are always asking for it. 🙂

I then packed the broad and took myself to a barbecue and had good conversation and loads of roasted veggies on a stick and chicken and homey apple cider.

The latter might explain why my leg and shoulder are feeling semi ok now. 😉

Right. Off to bed.

Tomorrow is the day of my five kilometres with mum (she’s such an awesome runner) and sauna and the moving in of my new flatmate.

Who, btw, is currently training for the same marathon as I am. And she’s ran it twice before! So I can totally pick her brain! 🙂




One thought on “Running Hot and Stupid

  1. Ouch 😦 I have tripped a few times, it’s not nice. Pay attention to that bruised knee, if it starts niggling you shorten your distances.

    Posted by MrsB | May 5, 2013, 4:59 pm

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