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The Wow Factor of…

I wanted to do an informal shoe review today. But first. I stepped out of the supermarket today at around nine in the evening with my cat food and bananas. And then I stopped. And stared. And stared some more. There were people all around me doing the same. 🙂 I think most of Tallinn … Continue reading

Overindulged on Every Front

Yikes. It’s cutback week. Less mileage, less everything. (Except food and drink, it seems.) But cutback week feels excellent right now. It seems forever since the last time I temporarily reduced mileage because it actually was in my training plan and not because of a minor injury. *drumroll* I am currently running tape free, insole … Continue reading

Healthy Chocolate Bars

I have a feeling this is going to be the week of indulgence. And yesterday was a perfect prelude. I was minding my own business around eight in the evening, when suddenly I heard this insistent voice in my head: Must. Have. Chocolate. Now. I’ve been so good about having random sweets all week long … Continue reading

Week Eleven Recap

Already? 🙂 Seems like I started with this marathon training plan just a couple of weeks ago. There something awfully liberating about recovery runs. I mean. You get to go both short and slow. Usually I don’t find short runs all that fun because you barely notice you’re running… when it’s already time to stop. … Continue reading

Running Is….

…an adventure. 🙂 At least that’s how I’d finish this sentence today. (How would you?) I find myself more and more interested in trail running with every passing week. Might have something to do with the fact that my first adult contact with running was orienteering and that my feet really dislike pavement. So. I … Continue reading

Stretch It

I’ve been going for weekly massages for a while now. And about a month ago I switched from sports massage to Thai massage. Also know as “lazy people yoga”, or so my masseuse informs me. 😉 Not that I’m all that lazy. But still. I find Thai to be perfect for me. It stretches every … Continue reading

Slow and Steady Girl

The more I run and the longer I’ve been running… I become more and more convinced that I’m made for distance. I’m not a sprinter. I’m not a natural runner. I work hard. And sometimes it seems like progress is almost nonexistent. But. I love to run. Who knows why, but I do. 🙂 I … Continue reading

Week Ten Recap and Yet More Snacks

28 degrees in the shade. I miss spring. It was fun to be running today while there were girls in bikinis guzzling down water and getting their tan on near the grasslands. It seems like in the last four days, nature’s decided to do an interlude to summer with the day heat and the evening … Continue reading

The Race Report for the May Run 7k

I finally fell asleep yesterday just before two. And then I got woken by a hungry cat around six in the morning. I managed to fall asleep again and slept until nine, so I was pretty well rested. When I got out of bed, my first thought was… The weather! They’d promised something insane for … Continue reading

How to Prepare for a Race. Not.

It’s hot. It’s summer hot. It’s pre-thunderstorm hot. And I have my first race of 2013 tomorrow. In 13 hours actually. The race materials for me and my mother and sister are already sitting on my kitchen table. And even though this is not my favourite race – it’s very crowded with over 12,000 participants, … Continue reading

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