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The Apps


I’m an Endomondo girl. 🙂

Actually, as I first started running using the c25k programme, I used a c25k app for that. And then the Bridge to Ten K programme from the same app.

I was basically doomed from the start to be an application junkie. Mostly because I’m such a gadget (and by default app) geek.

I like having an app for most things.

After b210k, the specialised app just wasn’t cutting it anymore, so I tried out a variety of running applications – Endomondo, Runtastic, RunKeeper, Sportstracker, and some more – finally settling on Endomondo in June 2012 as my main tracker for all activities.

I guess I just liked it the best. 🙂

Sure, we’ve had our issues, but mostly it has been a loyal companion ever since (in just under eleven months I’ve racked up 1166km of logged running with it :D).


I’m starting to think the time might be approaching to let go of the apps and start thinking about a GPS watch. Mostly because far too often things like today happen.

My goal today was 13km, definitely no more.

I turned on Endomondo, “freed my endorphins” and off I went. After the first kilometre it performed as expected informing me of my pace, distance and expected finish time, and that was the last I heard of the audio coach during the run. :/

I dug the phone out once to check if it was still tracking the run and upon seeing it was, didn’t fuss more and just ran without any lap time reports.

I was running a familiar route and figured that even without the audio coach it would vibrate upon reaching my goal.

I ran and I ran, and at one point I started thinking that surely it would be 13km by now. I mean, I’d already done some additional park loops.

So. I looked at the time, saw it had been about an hour and half and decided to just stop.

I also stopped the Endomondo app at 13.85km then.


Now, you might be thinking that 800 metres over goal is not something to be bothered about.

But. I’m coming back from almost a week off and I’d actually contemplated doing only 80% this week… Plus, those extra loop I’d ran at the park was nagging me (and my own sense of my pace) so I logged into the Endomondo web page and saw that there were two segments in my run today just missing from the map where the GPS had dropped me.

So the whole run was probably closer to 15 than 13 km.

Not cool at all. I’m so injury prone and even small things like this are just asking for trouble.

On the other hand. It was beautiful. I waited until the afternoon and the sun to come out and it was so worth it. Especially in the seaside.

The view of the city centre across the bay was breathtaking and the seaside promenade was teeming with life. Families, elderly couples, Rollerbladers, cyclists, power walkers and of course other runners. 🙂

I love how the spring sun (even in only 6°C weather) brings out the old guy joggers. You know the ones I’m talking about. Pushing 80, running in nothing but sneakers, loose shorts and tanned hides. These guys are so awesome. They’re kinda the epitome of a life lived healthy and active. 🙂


I followed my run with a two kilometre walk, letting my legs relax slowly. My calves were a bit tight by the last 10 minutes or so of the run and even hours later, I can definitely feel a burn in my knees. However, the ice water bucket that held my feet for 15 minutes after getting home seems to have dealt with any foot pain.

I actually ran KT free today.

And on the walk home:


Anybody else having these issues with Endomondo lately? Seem to stem from the latest update…




2 thoughts on “The Apps

  1. I have used Runmeter for 3 years and 98% of the time love it. the 2% however is the Total GPS Failure Usually During a Race 😐 Not cool. I got a Garmin Forerunner for my birthday and it’s very easy to use and spot on so far. The only ‘hassle’ is that I have to upload the stats to my phone or computer to see all the pretty graphs 🙂

    Posted by MrsB @ Mind over Matter | April 28, 2013, 8:08 am
    • Pretty graphs are just so cool aren’t they? 😉 And a Garmin is something I’m definitely looking at. One of the ideas is to get it in the autumn as my birthday is only a couple of days after I’m running my first marathon, so it’d be like a present to celebrate both. 🙂

      Posted by klmv | April 28, 2013, 1:23 pm

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