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Come and Get Me, Week 7! Oh, and Snacks.

I’m feeling the fighting sprit! Really.


Here’s the thing. I spent five hours in the emergency room yesterday. 😮

Nope. I’m not injured. But as pre-Diabetic I’m pretty conscious of things I should look out for, so yesterday after work I called up my GP, found out that she’s on vacation and told me to stop by the hospital to have my glucose checked.

Um. My bad.

I’m usually a good eater. And drinker. Really I am. I mean I need to fuel my running and all. But with the time off running last week and work demanding 12 hour days…

I kinda forgot. To eat and drink enough. (While we’re at it, sleeping went to the sidelines as well.)

So this happened. It was probably happening before as well, but dehydration had gotten bad enough yesterday that I was experiencing frequent dizzy spells.

(I feel like an idiot. People actually work to keep up a low carb diet and I do it by accident.)

Anyhow, while we were waiting for tests to confirm (they did) I got to sit with an IV for fluids.

The irony here is that my diagnosis was basically dehydration and exhaustion due to overworking… And they let me out so late that I still got only five hours of sleep before work today. -.-


I’m drinking and eating more carefully from now on. Which is not difficult as I’m running again and that motivates and reminds to keep up my energy levels.

First step? To up my carb intake I’ve replaced my regular snack (almonds) with homemade lärabars.

Here’s about 750 calories worth of delicious healthy five-minute-to-make mess:


I followed the recipe here, just replaced the walnuts with cashews and cut it up two four pieces. One was already consumed before picture time. :p


Raisin-cashew-oat Lärabar

I had one about an hour before my run today.

Now might be the time to call me a moron for going running with a less than 24 hour ago IV experience under my belt.

Or when the wind was bad enough that it graciously rid me of my umbrella on the way home.

But here’s the thing.

I felt good today. I’d been drinking and snacking all day. Yes, I was a bit tired and sleepy. But the legs were itching for a run.

So I compromised with myself. I’m usually so stats oriented and pushing myself when I feel a lap time is slower than I’d like… I decided to leave the GPS off.

And just enjoy the rain, the wind (both the tail- and headwind) and the movement of my feet.

I ran the 8 km loop I’ve ran countless times before.

Because that was the compromise – take away the option of worrying about my pace, but still cover the distance required by Week 7.

I just ran.

I can’t even remember the last time I didn’t have a little voice in my ear to report my pace every kilometre.

It was liberating.

And I’d forgotten in the long winter just how much I love running in the rain. 😀 (Gotta love the option of sticking out your tongue for instant hydration ;))

You want to know the real irony here?

Just running by checking the start and end time on my phone… I ran my best 8km in five months. Somewhere between 40-41 minutes.


Come and get me Week Seven, I’m ready for you!




3 thoughts on “Come and Get Me, Week 7! Oh, and Snacks.

  1. Reblogged this on kateandsony1234 and commented:

    Posted by kateandsony1234 | April 23, 2013, 8:29 pm
  2. How have I missed all this “action” going on in your life? Ihope you’ve well and truly recovered by now.

    Posted by MrsB | May 11, 2013, 7:22 pm
    • Getting there! 🙂 I have completely lost my ability to run fast, but still have the stamina for distance. It’s weird. But I’m hoping that if I don’t stress about it, the speed will come back at some point.

      Posted by klmv | May 11, 2013, 8:56 pm

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