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Injuries, Dinners, Spring and Week 6 Recap

Phew, so that’s a lot. šŸ˜€

After my run yesterday, my left thigh and knee area felt sore. But this morning they were pretty ok. So, again following the 75% rule, I decided to for an easy and comfortable 3.5km run instead of the 5km The Plan called for.
I’m still testing the new shoes, this time together with my inserts.

They seem pretty similar to my old ones, with one exception — they are distinctly lower in the heel. This would not be a bad thing, because I’m absolutely and naturally a forefoot striker, which means that my forefeet are often taped:


KT for top of the foot and forefoot pain

However. It means that my inserts lift my heel a bit too much for the shoe to comfortably hold. This didn’t bother me in the short distance I ran today, but I imagine it could become an issue with longer distances. :/ In my mind’s eye I can see a situation where my heel just lifts out of the shoe.

Options? See if I actually need my inserts with these shoes (I ran without yesterday and they seemed to offer good enough arch support) or, go about hunting for a new shoe model…

Oooh! After weeks of talking about it, I finally packed away my winter running gear today. That’s right, my calves are now seeing daylight. šŸ˜‰


And it feels glorious. Feels like spring. šŸ™‚

Hmm, let me see. Today’s run brought yet another slew of tipsy sunworshipper commentators. It also brought the first butterfly I’ve seen this year.

Now, there’s this old Estonian superstition that the first butterfly you see determines what your summer is going to be like. If it’s white ā€“ cold summer, patterned ā€“ a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and yellow ā€“ warm summer.

Mine was a yellow butterfly! Bring on the warmth, I’m ready. šŸ™‚

My left thigh still felt stiff and ever so slightly sore throughout the run, but… I don’t know. Somehow it feels like the kind of soreness I could run through.

I felt good enough that at the 3.5km “You have reached your goal” message I decided to make it an even 4km and then walk home the last kilometre of my five K loop.



Week six in numbers:

Saturday – 7.5km
Sunday – 4km

Total of 11.5km

This was supposed to be a cutback week of 27km. I didn’t even hit half of what I’d planned for this week. On the other hand, considering that I was walking with an actual limp on Monday and Tuesday and my left thigh was really painful… this week went better than I expected on Tuesday afternoon when I realised I wouldn’t be running that day.

Now, The only question is how do I pick up with regular Week 7 mileage come Tuesday, or will I do next week at say 80%? My quibble here is that Week 7 is supposed to be a pretty intense mileage building week with a final total of 31km. Now, going from 27 to 31 wouldn’t be horrid… 11 to 31… seems a bit like asking for trouble.

Last thing.



Eggplant pizzas

I just had to do something with that beautiful eggplant I picked up earlier. So I used that and some other stuff sitting in the fridge to make improv eggplant mini “pizzas”.

I used:

1 medium eggplant
1 tiny can of tuna (80g)
100g of mozarella
1tbs of olive oil
a bit of lemon juice, basil, salt, pepper

I heated the oven to 200Ā°C, sliced the eggplant and threw it in the oven for 10min. Then I mixed up the tuna (I used the canned in water variety) and olive oil, added salt, pepper, lemon juice and basil to taste. I cut the mozzarella into thin slices.

Took the eggplant out of the oven, flipped them around, and spread the tuna mix on top. Finally, topped with mozzarella slices and threw back in the oven for an additional 15 minutes.

Voila! Dinner. šŸ˜€

And there you have it for week six.




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